Painting a Picture of Life With COPD


Describing life with COPD isn’t easy. Anybody living with the condition may have found themselves grasping for the right words to describe their experience to friends, family or the people they work with. This experience is different for each person, and can change from one day to the next.

To help understand this we wanted to hear first-hand about life with COPD in all its complexity from people who are living with the condition every day. So we brought together a group of people diagnosed with COPD and we listened.

Our group reflected the diverse range of people affected by COPD – a mixture of ages, and walks of life to ask them just how they would describe it. What is living with COPD like? What would they compare it to?

The results were as rich, varied and touching as you’d expect; everything from individual approaches to managing life with COPD, the emotional impact of the disease, and the perceptions of COPD from those around them.

We were extremely grateful to those who gave their time to share their diverse range of thoughts and feelings. Despite their individuality, many in the group had some shared experiences of living with COPD, and it was these we chose to bring to life in a series of illustrations.

With these images we hope to portray the full spectrum of life with COPD and the authentic perspective of the people we listened to – both good days and bad.

We hope these capture and illustrate some aspects of life with COPD and may resonate with some of the many millions of people living with COPD across the world. You can see the full gallery here.

If you have COPD, you can explore how it affects your daily life with the COPD Assessment Test (or CAT).